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Maison d'Artiste 2024
Plano en Disolución 2023
Liveability 2023
Letters from Paradise 2018
Paintings 2017
Cartas de Declaración (Declaration Letter)
Maison d’Artiste
The beach is so pretty: Everyone is at the beach
Diva of Geneva (exhibition view)
Dating a Royal (exhibition view)
The Golden Antelope
Nail polish tutorials (videos 2011)
Nail polish tutorials (performances) 
Nail polish tutorials (videos 2010)
Nail polish tutorials (exhibition views)
The last Mikado
Sit and do nothing
Rosanna / Self-Amazement
Someone who doesn't want to be alone
Learning judo with Vladimir Putin
Where I have never been nor will be
Parachute / Paranoia
Selected Works 2007-2008
Red Videos (series)
Selected Works 2004-2005




Galería Ángeles Baños is pleased to present Maison d'Artiste, a collaborative exhibition between Cuban artists Loidys Carnero & Yaima Carrazana. The exhibition brings together works that focus on the artists lifestyle and the concrete reality of living in the Netherlands as immigrants and artists. The works in Maison d'Artiste consider displacement and domesticity.

The project Maison d'Artiste was first produced in 2016 in Geneva, and then in 2017 in Havana. Curated and designed by both artists as a duo, exploring the intersection of contemporary painting, design, sculpture, and architecture. In each version of Maison d'Artiste, the works are specifically conceived or existing projects adapted for the exhibition are presented.

April 12 –May 31, 2024
Pl. de los Alféreces, 11
06005 Badajoz






Installation views, Galería Angeles Baños - Badajoz, 2024
Photo credits: Carlos Hidalgo