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Letters from Paradise 2018
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Cartas de Declaración (Declaration Letter)
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The beach is so pretty: Everyone is at the beach
Diva of Geneva (exhibition view)
Dating a Royal (exhibition view)
The Golden Antelope
Nail polish tutorials (videos 2011)
Nail polish tutorials (performances) 
Nail polish tutorials (videos 2010)
Nail polish tutorials (exhibition views)
The last Mikado
Sit and do nothing
Rosanna / Self-Amazement
Someone who doesn't want to be alone
Learning judo with Vladimir Putin
Where I have never been nor will be
Parachute / Paranoia
Selected Works 2007-2008
Red Videos (series)
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Koba the Dread
Koba el temible
18 x 9 x 3 cm


Two Biographies of the Same Person No. 1
Dos biografías de la misma persona No. 1
60 x 24 x 4 cm


A History of the United States Navy
Historia de la Marina Norteamericana
32 x 24 x 6 cm


Blue No. 1
Azul No. 1
50 x 29 x 6 cm


Studio view


yaima carrazana Istanbul biennial

"Untitled" (Two Illustrated Histories of the Great October Socialist Revolution). 2010
Photo: Nathalie Barki.
Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial). 2011

Books: "An Illustrated History of the Great October Socialist Revolution". Spanish version purchased in Cuba and the English version purchased in Amsterdam arranged on the floor and open in the back.

Libros: "Historia Ilustrada de la Gran Revolución Socalista de Octubre". Versión al español comprada en Cuba y versión al inglés comprada en Amsterdam dispuestos en el suelo y abiertos en la contraportada.


yaima carrazana

"Untitled" (Volksmacht op Cuba). 2010

Book: "Volksmacht op Cuba" arranged on the floor with glued pages.


yaima carrazana

"What are you still doing here?”. 2010

Found Object.


yaima carrazana

yaima carrazana

Che Guevara and Conceptual Art. 2010

Book: "Conceptual Art", published by TASCHEN (2005). My action was to mark the mistake that appears on page 8: "Che Guevara died in Colombia in a clash with the army"

Che Guevara y el Arte Conceptual (Objeto de catarsis) 2010

Libro: "Arte Conceptual" editado por TASCHEN (2005). Mi acción fue marcar el error que aparece en la página número 8: "Che Guevara muere en Colombia en un enfrentamiento con el ejército"


yaima carrazana

yaima carrazana

Untitled. 2010

An annoying clock ringing all the time

Sin título, 2010

Un fastidioso reloj sonando todo el tiempo


yaima carrazana

What color was the white horse? 2010

¿De que color era el caballo blanco? 2010


yaima carrazana

Objects of catharsis I & II. 2009

Found objects