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Letters from Paradise 2018
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Cartas de Declaración (Declaration Letter)
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The beach is so pretty: Everyone is at the beach
Diva of Geneva (exhibition view)
Dating a Royal (exhibition view)
The Golden Antelope
Nail polish tutorials (videos 2011)
Nail polish tutorials (performances) 
Nail polish tutorials (videos 2010)
Nail polish tutorials (exhibition views)
The last Mikado
Sit and do nothing
Rosanna / Self-Amazement
Someone who doesn't want to be alone
Learning judo with Vladimir Putin
Where I have never been nor will be
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Jasper Johns. Nail polish tutorial Nº. 2. 2012
HDV video
7:36 min.



Brice Marden. Nail polish tutorial. 2012
HDV video
7:36 min.



Daniel Buren. Nail polish tutorial No.2. 2011
HDV video
7:00 min.



Olivier Mosset. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
HDV video
5:30 min.



Michel Parmentier. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
HDV video
6:38 min.



Niele Toroni. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
HDV video
8:11 min.



Kenneth Noland. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
HDV video
7:38 min.



Ellsworth Kelly. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
HDV video
8:21 min.



Blinky Palermo. Nail polish tutorial. 2011
HDV video
7:00 min.




Nail Polish Tutorials (2010-2012)

In the series of videos “Nail Polish Tutorials” the artist teaches how to paint the nails based on works by renowned artists. Bringing together elitist taste and popular taste. The possibility of teaching high art through a nail polish video-tutorial maintains a close relationship with the utopian idea of the “massification of culture”. The videos are inspired by the thousands of tutorials on YouTube, a website that has opened the spectrum towards a more private image with minimal production costs. One of the most interesting trends on YouTube are the video-tutorials, where anyone can teach what they want and know. The videos show a very specific YouTube aesthetic, but without sound. Seeking the visitor’s aesthetic contemplation and changing, in some way, the tradition of isolation from Internet users.